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Maestra Susy is a proud licensed teacher of Bamboleo Kids.


BAMBOLEO KIDS creates Spanish immersion enrichment programs that offer young children and their families joyous experiences for life long learning! We aim to:


1) Develop practical, everyday language skills.

2) Support the efforts of parents and adult care providers to develop Spanish language skills.

3) Convey the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Spanish language. 

4) Cultivate a long-lasting interest in this beautiful language through our own brand of zany fun!

Bamboleo Bebé - 10 to 23 month old 

In this joyous class wee ones will wiggle, jiggle and delight in the rhythms and sounds of the Spanish language through music, movement, handplay, and more. Participating adults will learn traditional folk songs from all over Latin America, new songs, and playful activities to take home, as well as, connect with other families that are interested in immersing their children in the Spanish language. 


Bamboleo Amiguitos - 2 to 4 year old / Bamboleo Amigos - 4 to 6 year old

¡Vamos a jugar!  Let's play! Children will be immersed in the Spanish language via a unique style of storytelling, music and movement, games and role play, and art.  Our original stories and music not only highlight the cultural richness and diversity of the Spanish language but also demonstrate that kids have a lot in common around the world! 

Classroom activities are designed to gently and creatively nurture growth in language skills for all levels, from newcomers to heritage speakers alike. Home support materials are integrated with classroom activities and provide rich opportunities for Spanish immersion. Parent participation is required.

Visit www.BamboleoKids.com to learn about our programs, other locations and our teachers.

Programs available with Maestra Susy

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MCDE program introduces and delivers the language through a variety of activities such as stories, games, songs, and hands-on projects to maximize acquisition. 


Kids in Mi Club de Español start reading in Spanish from day one and acquire the language while having fun.  They are not forced into explicit grammar and memorization of vocabulary lists or dialogues.  Maestra Susy aims for your children to comprehend the language and grow in it at their own pace.

Kids in this program acquire Spanish in a more natural way through Comprehensible Input:

    TPR (Total Physical Response)

    TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling)  


    Reader's Theatre

    Circumlocution and more...​

Beginners Pre-literate Club:   4.5 to 6 year old  

Ideal for pre-literate children who are new to the language or know basic Spanish words/expressions.


Little Experts Pre-literate Club:   4.5 to 6 year old  

Ideal for fluent speakers and heritage speakers who can speak and/or understand the language.

Beginners Club:  7 to 11 year old

Ideal for children who are new to the language of know basic Spanish words/expressions.

Beginners Continuous Club: 8 to 12 year old

This class is ideal for children who have taken one year of Beginners Club program with Maestra Susy at least.


Experts Club: 7 to 11 year old

Ideal for fluent speakers, heritage speakers of Spanish, and children currently enrolled in dual language immersion programs.


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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


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