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Fall I: Argentina

¡El baile de los dinasaurios es fácil de seguir, se pisa fuerte así, así, así es fácil de seguir!" "The dance of the dinosaurs is easy to follow, stomp hard like this, like this, like this, it's easy to follow!" So stomp on over to romp, fly, chew, roar, and sing along like dinosaurs. Stories and cultural nuances are set in Argentina, "¡Che!"

After a pretend trip to the dinosaur museum, we'll enjoy getting sick! What?! Yup, we're getting sick (in our imaginations, of course), and going to the doctor. Join us in dancing the tango of the sniffly child.

It will be a practical, yet fun unit, Bamboleo-style!

Fall II: El Salvador

How do you make a pupusa? You'll have to join us to find out how Bamboleanos make yummy pupusas (hint: using a lot of imagination, song, and play!).


In addition, just in time for the holiday season, kids will become little helpers around the house, as we pretend to wash clothes (old school: by hand!), wash dishes (also old school--ha!), sweep, dust, and much more. Kids love to be helpers, so now they'll practice their Spanish as they help around the house.


Another fitting topic for the season: Travel! We'll also cover the various forms of transportation--¡¡Nos vamos de viaje, nos vamos de viaje, nos vamos de viaje, a ver a la familia!! (We're going on a trip, we're going on a trip, we're going on a trip, to see the family.)

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