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Winter: Uruguay

There is a lot of work going on around town in this season's first story. In "los oficios" (jobs). A little boy learns from his dad about the different jobs people do in his hometown.  He sees a chef, a policewoman, a doctor, a construction worker, a fireman, and many more. Parallelling the story, we'll use our tools, rescue cats, and dogs, cook, and much more in our Bamboleo imaginary play time, using engaging and catchy music, as well as vibrant visual props.  The next unit, kids will explore feelings and the words we use to express ourselves when we are happy, sad, angry, surprised, and well, happy again! The accompanying story explores these feelings while a boy dreams up his own song to sing at a famous annual celebration in Uruguay. ¡Carnaval!

Spring I: Cuba

Storytime takes us to Cuba, where we will hear heart heartwarming tales of rainy adventures that include everything from floating "barquitos de papel" (little paper boats) to releasing palomas (pigeons) in the evenings. The musical rhythms of Cuba are heard throughout the session, even in the raindrops--plic plic ploc, plic ploc. We won't be surprised if the kids pick up the infectious "son clave" (rhythmic pattern of Afro-Cuban music). Shapes, rainy day themes, and syllable pronunciation are emphasized in this session.

Spring II: México

Storytime takes kids on an imaginary journey to Chapultepec zoo in the beautiful center of the capitol of Mexico, where they will meet all their favorite zoo animals. Kids will stomp like elephants, chew like giraffes, roar like lions, and much, much more. 

Our second theme is a fabulous birthday fiesta! What a better time to focus on colors? "Dale, dale, dale, no pierdas el tino, porque si lo pierdes, pierdes el camino!" is a must sing for everyone, because no fiesta is complete without a piñata and this piñata song. Storytime will include Bamboleo's rendition of a childhood classic all over the world, the Tortoise and the Hare. Join us for this fun-packed session.

Kids in Bamboleo learn through art and crafts
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