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Fall I - España


¡Nos vamos a España! We are going to Spain! First day of school and Futbol are the themes for this amazing session. ¡Nos la vamos a pasar bomba!! We will have a lot of fun!

Fall II - Ecuador


Our imaginary adventures at Bamboleo will take us and the little ones in our classes to Quito, first, for a trip to "El Supermercado Bamboleo" (did you know vainitas, or green beans, are also called ejotes, vainicas, chauchas, habichuelas, and judías???); then we head to Guayaquil, right into Abuelita Violeta's living room to prepare for El Año Nuevo. New Year’s, of course! This is a very big deal in Ecuador!

We'll do The Countdown! Yes, we will practice counting down from 10 to 1 before we scream with delight: ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! Kids will make crowns, necklaces, and end with getting their own fun toy that in Spanish means: “Frightens Mother-in-laws” or Espantasuegras (shhh…they don’t have to know everything in Spanish: ) And this wraps up another AWESOME year in Bamboleo, or as they would say in Ecuador: ¡QUÉ CHÉVERE!

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